Lanny Helton- Film/Video Production

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Lanny Helton- Film/Video Production

Lanny Helton graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with an A.S. in Video Production. As a student he worked on various productions, served on the Ambassador's Council, was a member of the Video Honor's Group,  and produced weekly content for AIFI News.

Lanny Helton is a freelance videographer available to do all sorts of freelance media work. He is equipped with professional equipment including a DSLR, lighting kit, and portable digital recorder.

He has worked with numerous organizations such as Anheuser Busch, Art Institutes International, the Florida
Department of Transportation, Broward Country Sheriff's Office, and Ivana Trump's Moonlight Rhapsody charity.

In 2005, Lanny was part of a special team sent from the Mississippi Library Commission to archive damage caused to the costal region during hurricane Katrina.

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